For Members

Juvenile Justice International offers Training and Development opportunities for our members through Courses, Conferences, Seminars. As a member, empower yourself and your future as you gain access to professional development, educational resources and networking opportunities. Members receive tailored notification directly by email of available international opportunities, as well as those available in their region.

For Organisations

Juvenile Justice International promotes quality continuing education and professional development opportunities for those working with children and young people in the community, as well as Juvenile Justice, Probation, Prison, Parole and Community Corrections professionals. We also offer agencies the opportunity to have their in house classroom based and / or online training programmes acknowledged. We offer bespoke training sessions to meet individual and organisational needs.

Professional Training and Accredited Short Courses

Currently we offer a range of focused short courses, including an Intensive Two Day course with free supplementary self study and best practice support materials.

We use United Nations and/or European Union funded research and support materials whenever possible. We always use highly qualified and experienced facilitators.

Community Programmes for Young People

Juvenile Justice International provides exciting interventions and educational programmes for young disadvantaged people. Currently we offer a variety of programmes such as Fire and Rescue, Beekeeping, Environmental Skills, EcoVehicles and Transportation, Tank Restoration and Military History, Eco3D Technologies, Equestrian and Wildlife to name a few, all with expert support, helping young people to develop skills, gain qualifications and move rapidly into employment.

For Children with Special Needs we offer over 32 short courses all of which are fully accredited to assist with educational and personal development.