Erasmus+ Let’s Study

The main goal of the project – based on the project “Let’s Study!”, Project no. LLP-PRT-2013-LT-0437 the project Developed recommendations on the organization of an inclusive education process for people with disabilities in vocational and higher education places of learning  

The main aspect and focus of this project was to Develop a training module for vocational and high school lecturers, administrative staff, organizing vocational training for people with disabilities and higher education institutions to communicate with people with disabilities without diminishing their dignity and meeting their needs and enabling them to study together and on an equal footing with all students. 

 Project Target Group: 18-30 years old people with disabilities, and older people who become disabled and, in connection with this, change their profession or employment; Lecturers of vocational and higher education schools, administration, other employees. 

 The project partners: 

  • AKTO S.A. 
  • Juvenile Justice International CIC 
  • Latvijas Cilveku ar ipasam vajadzibam sadarbibas organizacija SUSTENTO 
  • Polskie Forum Osob Niepelnosprawnych 
  • SA Eesti Agrenska Fond 
  • The BumbleBee Alliance CIC 

Project partners are included in the project activities. The results of the project was to implement and include beforehand, the partners’ experience in teaching people with disabilities, the experience of organizing similar seminars and examples of good practice will be used. It will contact the representatives of vocational and higher education institutions in order to ascertain how the training fulfills their expectations by testing the module itself. 


  • Creation of general training modules; 
  • Practical training part – examples of good practice; 
  • Creation of theoretical part of training; 
  • Final version of the training module 
  • Recommendations on how to integrate the training module into vocational schools and higher education system and to organize training for staff, teachers and teachers. 

Training Module and Materials 

Please see our Training Module and materials developed by the partners, which we are happy for you to review and use.  

For further information please see the lead partners website:  or contact us directly. This project successfully completed in August 2017.  

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