Evaluation Services

Juvenile Justice International offers evaluation services to charitable foundations and trusts, organisations, governmental agencies and non-profit organisations that fund or manage programmes for children and young people.

Our name, professional standing, expert staff and reputation provide credibility and reassurance to your governing body, government departments or Charity Commission, in relation to the evaluation of your activities and programmes.

Evaluation Integrity

We maintain high standards of quality and professional integrity for each evaluation and place particular emphasis on the inclusion of all stakeholders in the process. All our experts have at least ten years’ experience of working with children and young people in a variety of settings and all have a Masters or Doctorate level qualification in a Juvenile related field.

Our goal is to ensure that the evaluation provides the information and analysis you need to make sound programme or operational decisions and to validate accountability for your donors, stakeholders, government and / or Charity Commission.

All evaluation reports undertaken by us are confidential and we do not share the results with any third party.

Evaluation Costs

As a non-profit organisation we are able to offer you a service and price unmatched by commercial for profit organisations. Evaluation of programmes does not have to be a cumbersome, intrusive, complicated and expensive business as is often the case with commercial providers; in fact it can be quite the contrary. Let us be your provider of choice.