There are three individual grades of membership based primarily on an individual’s experience and qualifications working for and with Children/Juveniles. In addition, we have organisational membership. The membership categories are:

  • 1. Member
  • 2. Professional Member
  • 3. Fellow
  • 4. Organisational Member

Member - MJJi

Professional Member - PMJJi

Fellow - FJJi

Use the qualification framework for your country to compare your qualifications, follow the link and choose your country.

Become a member

Membership Costs

Juvenile Justice International Annual Membership Fees are as follows:Full (MJJi) £95.00Professional (PMJJi) £125.00Fellow (FJJi) £185.00Organisational< 12 staff £145.0013-49 staff £185.0050+ staff £245.00