Troubled Children and Young People

Growing up in today’s fast paced society can cause emotional changes, which might make some children and young people susceptible to self-harm, depression, acting out, or drug and alcohol abuse. Juvenile Justice International uses a family-centered approach tailored to meet the needs of the child/young person. Our doctoral specialists and assistants address a number of issues including family conflicts, school related difficulties, technology abuse and gaming addictions, alcohol or drug abuse, unacceptable behaviours, as well as social, communication, educational and developmental issues.

We offer a range of Special Experiential Education and Personal Development opportunities for Troubled Children and Young People with Experiential Education and Therapeutic Programmes (EETP) helping children and young people to excel based on their individual needs.

If your child or young person is experiencing any of the following:

• Family conflicts
• Low motivation
• Addictions
• Aggressive behaviors
• Poor self images and lack of confidence
• Oppositional defiant behaviors
• Rage
• Depression
• Poor attention span episodes
• Anxiety
• Grief and loss
• Self destructive behaviors
• Hyperactivity

As a parent or guardian you may be feeling overwhelmed, and discouraged. You may feel there is no one to turn to for help.

Our programmes offer a safe environment where children, young people, and families can learn the skills they need to bring stability to the whole family.

Many of those who register with us have often previously tried to seek assistance from public authorities / statutory services, however due to funding cuts and service provision which is often very slow to react, they arrive at our surgeries frustrated, and exhausted. We can help provide you with a dedicated Doctoral Specialist who will focus on the needs of your child / young person as well as helping you as parents / guardians.

Childrens Programmes
Life sometimes becomes chaotic, and children may “act out” these feelings. Our staff recognize the needs of children and provide a, structured environment to try and deal with aggressive, self-abusive, or withdrawn behaviors that can often cause anxiety at home.

Young Peoples Programmes (Adolescents)
Adolescence is a critical time of rapid physical, social, and emotional change during which an adolescent may be especially susceptible to self harm, depression, or drug and alcohol abuse. With specific expertise in working with young people, the Young Peoples Programme staff offers an understanding and individualized approach to working towards helping to restore young people to satisfying and happy lives.

Surgeries are currently available in Kent, and London, UK.

We have a limited number of surgeries available in Metropolitan Toronto, Canada.

Please email us at and we will be pleased to contact you to discuss our surgeries, availability, programmes and related costs.